Fairouz Garden | Riyadh



Welcome to Fairouz Garden Restaurant

Fairouz Garden restaurants are part of Saudi Delta Group’s hospitality chain of  business which was established by Saudi Delta Group’s CEO Eng.Ali Saeed Al Khayar.

Fairouz Garden is the choice to enjoy an elite experience that serves the most classic tastes of the regional Lebanese and Saudi Arabian cuisine in an beautiful ambiance with prestigious manner.

One of the main feature of Fairouz Garden restaurants is its excellence in service. It starts with prompt valet parking service and the warm welcoming,followed through with sumptuous dishes, delicately served at the most elegant table sets with an beautiful ambiance around you.Backstage, a team of dedicated chiefs and connoisseurs have carefully followed the strictest rules and regulations of hygiene in preparing those healthy and savory dishes.After all refinement is not only in the appearance but in substance as well.

Fairouz Garden with the rich colors of Fairouz stone and interior designed to provide immense pleasure for dinning with excellent comfort,with an outdoor sitting with the beautiful view of Riyadh city is the one’s desirable place to dine.

Fairouz Garden Restaurant in Al Khobar is situated on Island where our guests enjoy the sea view and dine.